Ferguson Mann Architects is an architectural practice with a national reputation for award-winning architecture, urban design, conservation and creative regeneration. We aim to create and conserve special buildings and places that respond to the ‘genius of the place’, the client’s vision and the project brief, always guided by the principles of sustainability.

Quadrant Wharf is the fourth phase of the regeneration project that is transforming the dock area at Millbay in Plymouth into a vibrant mixed-use waterfront quarter. The buildings are conceived as a series of separate ‘finger’ blocks that address the Quayside to the west and allow views through to the water. Along the eastern edge of the site a terrace of split-level homes face both West Hoe Road at the upper level and a new mews at the lower level.

This development continues Millbay’s distinctive contemporary character. The buildings are set on a plinth (brick or stone) with render, timber effect and metal upper storeys. Each building façade is conceived as a series of smaller elements, changing composition, scale, materials and balcony arrangement to add variety and control the proportion. Balconies add modelling and depth as well as providing amenity space. To complement the apartments, the new split-level housing along West Hoe Road is designed with pitched roofs and weatherboarding/render façades that addresses the smaller, more domestic scale of this street.

On Soap Street, the adjacent quayside landscaping of Quadrant Quay continues through Quadrant Wharf, providing an attractive primarily pedestrian space with incidental leisure equipment/art installations along its length - ‘garden rooms’ that animate the waterfront walk.

Roger Goodliff
Director for Masterplanning and Regeneration